Have you heard of electric bikes? You may have seen or passed them without even knowing it; they typically look like regular bikes but have a little bulkier, enclosed metal part along the frame.

Electric Bikes of Maine, a sister company of Frost and Flame, opened in October of 2017 after owner Steve Richard extensively researched the hottest new mode of transportation catching on across the country and decided it was time for e-bikes to take over Maine.

As Richard puts it on Electric Bikes of Maine's website, "What I saw was affordable adult fun riding through city streets as well as off road. I also saw that these electric bikes were for people on any level from young or old; for the active athlete or the semi couch potato or anyone in between and you only put in as much effort as you want to."

The website also features introductory videos of Surface604 road and all-terrain bikes, one of Electric Bikes of Maine's two main models. Watch them and tell me you don't want to take a new e-bike for a spin!

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