Veronica Landry is missing from New Hampshire

Yesterday, both Veronica Landry's mother, Rachel, and the Goffstown, New Hampshire Police put out alerts on their respective social media pages that the 17-year-old was considered missing and had last been seen almost a week ago on Wednesday, July 13, at the Walmart in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

According to the information provided by the Goffstown PD, Veronica is around 5'3" with brown hair and hazel eyes. When she was last seen leaving the Walmart in Hooksett, she was wearing black pants, a black long sleeve hoodie, and black Doc Marten boots.

Rachel Landry
Rachel Landry

Rachel Landry confirmed Veronica was missing

In a public Facebook post on her personal page, Veronica's mother, Rachel, provided some information, seemingly after people (possibly acting as amateur investigators, although also trying to help) started reaching out to her but before the official missing statement was released by Goffstown PD.

"VERONICA IS CURRENTLY MISSING. As it may be confusing for everyone to read this, it is far more confusing for us. YES, she really is missing. YES, we reported her missing as soon as we knew. NO, we do not know where she could be or who with. YES, we have contacted Hooksett Walmart, as have multiple police departments. YES, surveillance cameras have been reviewed in & around the closest areas to the Hooksett Walmart. YES, all of her devices have been reviewed. YES, we have access to her bank account. NO, nothing was found in her car or bedroom that have given any clues. YES, we’ve checked with close family & friends to make sure she is not with them. We suggest if you want to help, when the ‘Missing Person’ post is released please share the original post so it can be seen by more people. Ask others to share as well. We appreciate everyone's understanding to our privacy in this scary time."

As of this writing, Veronica has still not been found and is still considered missing. The official social media statement released by the Goffstown Police can be found on their Facebook page and their Instagram page. 
If you have any information on Veronica's disappearance or you spot her or even think you may have an inkling that you saw her somewhere, please reach out to the Goffstown PD at 603-497-4858.
Let's bring Veronica home to her family safe and sound!

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