If voters approve a change to Skowhegan's 'Special Amusement Ordinance' you can start tipping those strippers! With a few rules...


First, according to the Portland Press Herald, tipping was banned under restrictions of exotic dancers with a broad sweeping ordinance to prevent some super inappropriate behavior. But half the fun at strip shows, is tipping!

So, you CAN tip, but you have to wait until they are done dancing and they come to you! You can't get within 10 feet of them while they are strutting their stuff!

You can thank T&B’s Celebration Center with all-male revues like the ones in the movie “Magic Mike”.  Without tipping, shows like that were less likely to book at a venue that doesn't allow tipping!

The ordinance in Skowhegan before the selectmen voted 4-0 to remove the tipping restriction, said no tipping was allowed at all, at any time. They even thought of adding maybe a tip jar, but that was voted down.

So ladies, head to the bank to get those singles and get ready to tip to your hearts content! (once the dancing is done and the dancer comes to you and they vote yes on June 10th)


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