Good Samaritan

An unnamed man was driving along Berry's Mill Road in West Bath late Saturday night when he came upon a woman in distress. The woman claimed her SUV had broken down according to Fox 23 Maine.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

In the ultimate bait and switch as this man attempted to help this woman, three men jumped out of the vehicle and beat him until he was unconscious, robbed him, left his body in the back of his own pick-up truck, drove to Phippsburg and abandoned him.

Fox 23 Maine reported that an hour later a similar situation was reported in Brunswick. A security guard in a marked vehicle pulled over to help and all of a sudden the woman said she was fine and didn't need help.

The police are still looking for the individuals involved and are asking anyone with information to contact The Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Office. Kennebec Journal reports that authorities have received a few calls with leads and so far but no new information to report regarding the crime.

Sad Precedent

Truly a soulless crime, this incident has cast doubt on otherwise Good Samaritans when it comes to helping those in need for fear of such a horrific situation.

Sagadahoc County Chief Deputy Brett Strout addressed this with a word of warning to News Center Maine, "Our advice to people is to be very cautious about motorists who flag you down. That's contrary to what we usually tell people but it's not worth getting hurt."

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