We've often complained here about how bad some of the intersections in Portland are, but an artist on Reddit demonstrated just how they seem to defy any sort logic with his creation.

Peter Gorman from Hawaii traveled across the U.S. and Canada for a year by bicycle, travelling over 11,000 miles and visiting many cities along the way as he completed a loop following the United States borders.  Since that trip, he has created graphic maps of cities he visited and has collected them in a book called Barley Maps: The Book. One of those cities he visited is Portland, Maine and he posted this graphic map of some of Portland's intersections.

When you see some of Portland's notorious intersections depicted like this, it really puts into perspective how the city has evolved into this mess.

Some of these intersections are currently being redesigned to untangle the knots they create like Deering's Corner where Brighton, Deering and Falmouth come together near USM. A roundabout is being installed that will take the place of the traffic lights that you could easily sit at for 3 minutes or more waiting for a green light.

If you want to buy a print of The Intersections of Portland or Barely Maps: The Book, they're both available on Barelymaps.com Hit the link below to get your print to hang on your wall. Grab the Boston print while you're at it and if you hang them side by side, you'll see that Portland looks like an easy Sunday drive in comparison.

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