Kids of the 2020's will not be denied the deliciousness that is Dunkaroos!


For any kid of the 80s and 90s, Dunkaroos were a big sugary snack. But then they went away to never appear again. NewsCenter Maine reported the return. If you don't remember Betty Crocker's greatest snack, it consisted of small cookies that you dipped into frosting with sprinkles! Sugar dipped into sugar with a splash of sugar. They made the announcement on Twitter.


Mom always tried to make them for you. After all, it's just cookies dipped in frosting. But it never tasted quite the same. There have been rumors for years that Dunkaroos would return, but it never happened until now.

Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker


When exactly is this snack gonna be on shelves? There isn't an exact date, except summer of 2020. Original flavors included, vanilla icing with chocolate cookies, chocolate ccing with craham cookies, strawberry icing with vanilla cookies and vanilla icing with cinnamon graham cookies.

They first hit the scene in 1988 and were taken away from us in 2000.

Mark you calendars...summer 2020 is gonna be amazing.

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