Pattie Gallant lost her son to a rare form of cancer when he was 21. She then lost the necklace that held some of his ashes...until this week. She found it!


Pattie Gallant Facebook
Pattie Gallant Facebook

According to WMTW, the necklace is a silver chain with a dragonfly that has some of her son Evan's ashes and a pendant with Evan's fingerprint that her dad wore until he died. Evan passed away in 2017.

On December 12th, 2019 - Pattie could not find her beloved necklace. She took to Facebook hoping a miracle would happen. Well, it took about a month, but she found her necklace in the oddest of places!

It was apparently caught in a sweater!  She wore this sweater this week. Then she was talking to one of her son's best friends and she felt something deep in the corner of a pocket on the sweater.

Yup. The necklace. But the crazy part is that Pattie has no idea how the necklace ended up in the sweater. She had lost the necklace long before the last time she wore the sweater!

However it happened, Evan came back to his mom. And the most important piece of jewelry she owns is where it belongs - around her neck.

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