Gronk may not have been on your TV playing for the Pats this weekend, but he WAS on  TV on a new episode of 'Family Guy.' The animated Gronk was voiced by #87 himself. In the episode the Gronkowski's move next door to Peter Griffin. Can you imagine living next door to Gronk? It might be a good idea at the outset, but as Peter and his Quahog, Rhode Island neighbors find out, the party never, ever stops at the Gronk household. Now, Peter needs to figure out a way to get RID of Gronk. Hilariousness ensues.



I love the fact that Gronk made fun of himself A LOT in this episode. Just makes us love him even more. Get better Gronk, we need you on the field and on the Gronk Party Cruise as soon as possible!


You can watch the entire episode featuring Gronk right here. Gronk isn't the only Patriot to have been on 'Family Guy." TB12 has been on too.




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