It was so great to see the two people behind the dots. The blonde I get asked about all the time...

So, who were my mystery lunch companions?

That would be flash from the past Teddy McKay and Meredith! She was up from Tennessee to see family. Hell, we're transistor sisters - so we hooked up.

To answer the number one question I get:

How's Meredith?

She's great. Super happy in Tennessee with her cowboy boyfriend and loving life. She misses radio and radio misses her. She is doing some voice work, but mostly just loving life and she definitely has let Tennessee rub off on her. This is what she wore with her black summer dress:

Good ol' sh&% kickers! Although, I'm sure she calls them boots.

Teddy on the other hand is still a pain in my...I'm totally kidding. I love that boy and seeing him always brightens up my day.

Meredith was so sweet, she bought lunch. We all did the girly thing and fought over the check, but Meredith won. It was great to see her and it was even better to see her so happy! stop asking me how she is. She's great.


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