Here's the good news, Kenneth Plummer is okay.


The Bangor Daily News reported on 58-year-old Kenneth driving and then choking on some food he was eating. No word on what that food was. Then he crashed his car into two storefronts on Main Street in Gray. He whacked both Goody's Pizzeria and Atlantic Real Estate Network. The damage to both stores was minimal and Plummer wasn't hurt.

Courtesy of the Cumberland County Sherrif's Office
Courtesy of the Cumberland County Sherrif's Office

Sometimes I think about being alone and choking and the scenarios of what could happen. I always picture the episode of 30 Rock when Liz Lemon was confronted by her boss about being alone saying that her number one fear should be choking.

I know crashing your car is no laughing matter, but sometimes you either gotta laugh or you'll live terrified for the rest of your life. Sometimes things 'go down the wrong pipe' and I swear it takes me a good 15 minutes before my voice comes back. I am grateful that Kenneth was not hurt and that the businesses on Main Street in Gray will be okay.

According to Capt. Kerry Joyce of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department, the car was towed and the whole thing is still under investigation. Personally, I want to know what he choked on. Please don't think I'm making light of the situation, but honestly - if I knew what he was eating, I would probably avoid eating that while driving. I don't trust myself. Hell, I still bite my tongue or the side of my cheek when I eat! You'd think I would know how to do it by now without hurting myself!


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