We've had a curiously high number of rare colored lobsters this year, and it's time to add another to the mix.

This time, it was a "calico" lobster caught by Scarborough Fish and Lobster. The black and orange sea insect showed up just as October rolled in, putting a coincidental smirk on the faces of anyone excited for the approach of Halloween.


“Everyone who sees it (comments on) its beauty,” said Anthony Belanger, who works at Scarborough Fish & Lobster on Route 1. “My boss and the lobstermen we get our lobsters from have never seen one like it and they’ve been in the business for decades.”

The staff at Scarborough Lobster named it Friendly Krueger, a reference to the horror movie character Freddy because of its halloween-y colors and claws! As of Monday, a few options for the lobster had been considered, including selling Krueger to the highest bidder or donating it to the University of New England to put on display. These calico lobsters are supposedly quite rare, showing up only once in roughly 30 million lobsters.


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