Roe Village in Hampden

If you weren't aware, Roe Village in Hampden, Maine is a low-income senior living community filled with affordable apartments. It's been tradition that they put on their own 4th of July cookout for all of the residents every single year. And while the cookout was planned to happen regardless, residents weren't as excited about it as years past for one reason:

A flag.

Throughout the years of wear and tear, the flag on display at Roe Village had become worn out and recently fell off the pole it was displayed on. According to residents, the Housing Authority for Roe Village hadn't been able to replace the flag in time for the cookout.

Hampden Public Safety to the rescue

According to Hampden Public Safety, when one resident had mentioned to them that residents were feeling down because of the lack of flag on display for the cookout, they decided to spring into action.

Hampden Public Safety
Hampden Public Safety

After Deputy Fire Chief Jason Lundstrom and Deputy Police Chief Scott Webber dropped by Erickson's Hardware and Gift / Ice Cream and Coffee to quickly snag a new flag (complete with generous discount from Erickson's), Hampden Public Safety jet over to Roe Village and were met with a few residents already gathering outside near a large grill and picnic tables decked out in patriotic table cloths.

With only minutes to go before the start of the cookout, Firefighter Oliver Bianchi secured the new Old Glory to the pole and raised it up for residents to enjoy.

Hampden Public Safety
Hampden Public Safety

It just goes to show that Mainers are willing to go the extra mile for something that's seemingly so simple but can have such an impact. As one commenter on the Hampden Public Safety Facebook post said, "Where else but Hampden, Maine!"

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