Just two days ago, the idea that Saturday's storm would be a powerhouse snow maker for Maine was a ski nerd's dream. Fast forward 48 hours, and dreams do come true.

Saturday's storm has gone from a potential rain and wind event to a 'snowblowing for 2 hours' event with a worst-case scenario of widespread power outages to boot.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, there's little doubt now that this weekend's storm will bring the entire State of Maine snow. What still is to be determined is just how much.

Detailed here by Todd Gutner of NewsCenterMaine, the atmosphere will dictate whether the mountains of Maine get 10 inches or 15 inches over the course of this weather event. Same goes for the coast. It's possible by the end of this storm, Maine's coastline sees 2-3 inches of snow or as much as 6-7.

Then there's the matter of the wind. This storm is packing some pretty substantial wind gusts and because this storm is rich in precipitation, the snow that falls will likely be heavy snow. Heavy snow sitting on trees and power lines couple wind strong wind gusts is a recipe for power outages across Maine.

Have those flashlights, candles and if you're lucky enough, generators handy because CMP may have their hands full as this storm moves out. As always, you can keep up-to-date with power outages right here.

So a pipe dream turns reality in under 48 hours. You've heard this somewhere else before but we'll say it again. Winter. Is. Coming.

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