After last week's cold snap, I began thinking of ways to be outside without the wind chill pushing my soul out of my body.

I started searching online and found these items that will make my life easier and keep my blood from freezing.

Check them out below.


The first Item is Fleece-lined performance underwear; from head to toe, it will keep you not only warm but comfy as well, and you do not have to worry about things like the threat of ripping like other brands of long Johns.

Also, this mask, I would be wearing this every cold day, if only I did not have a bank directly in front of the office building.

This screens 'wind protection,' and practical with a flair of mystery. 

These exceptional items are for the man in your life.

I will purchase both next year, as I need to pay some very essential bills created by being a thirty-something who is trying to establish his life bills first. 

What items that keep you warm do you live by?

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