Single digits to the 40's, then the teens, then 30's, then single digits again, all in a matter of days or weeks is a trend that we see each winter.  Snow, rain, sleet, and ice is another part of that trend, and all can happen in a matter of days, or even as part of the same storm.

So let's chat about staying healthy in the winter while we continue to deal with COVID-19 variants and the annual flu.  And of course, dealing with complaining co-workers and crying children doesn't help either, as germs spread easily indoors, where we tend to stay much of the winter.

Even though the temperature fluctuation itself isn't enough to make us sick, it does lower our immune system. So, when that cold virus is swimming around our workplace or family, combined with the dry weather, it's easier to get sick, according to Healthline.

Ill woman at home
Piotr Marcinski

So what should we do?  Although Healthline can't help us with our relationship issues or gossipy neighbors, it can try and keep our immune systems as strong as possible.  Here's what they suggest:

1) Wear several lighter layers so when going from indoors to outdoors frequently, you can adjust accordingly, the Heathline article mentions. This way, your body temp won't fluctuate the way Mother Nature is right now.

Group of happy kids look down wearing winter clothes

2) This should be a given living in New England, but waterproof boots are a necessity, according to Healthline. I mean, this is L.L.Bean and Timberland country, so we can look so stylish at the same time, too.

Winter boots in snow

3) Stay inside, order contact-free delivery, and binge-watch television, according to Healthline.

During extreme drops in temps, it's best to try and stay inside so your body isn't exposed from hot to cold too much.  You also lower your chance of exposure to others.

And aren't we experts on social distancing at this point?

Television remote control changes channels thumb on the blue TV screen

PS: Wash your hands again and again.  Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.

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