I lived in Vermont for four years before moving out to the West Coast and then moving back East again.

I have to tell you that even though Vermont and Maine are on two different planets, in a lot of ways it seems like winters in Northern New England have these universal truths.

It does not matter if you live in New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine there is NO escape, so here's a list of five things you will hate about winter in northern New England.

1. Footprints


There is nothing like waking up and seeing freshly fallen snow and wanting to appreciate its beauty, but upon further examination, you find some animal has not only walked on it but left something for you to shovel. 

2. Plows 


They help keep the roads safe after a big storm and make sure we, as a society, can function in a post-snowpocalyptic world. Just imagine, however, after shoveling for hours, you go in for a cup of coffee, get dressed for work just to come out and see a mountain of snow at the end of your driveway that your 2001 Honda civic will not be able to penetrate. All because the snow from the street has to placed somewhere, thank you, Mr. Plow.

3. Food


Lobstahs are out of season...

4. Clothing


Your sense of fashion will be limited to boots, nurse shoes, and bubble coats with the brand on your left sleeve. It's hard to see your friends on social media in all these warm-weather places elsewhere having a ball, and you are in your nit cap trying to keep warm in your office. Just remember the trade-offs for living where the wind hurts your face include Snakes, Gators, and Wildfires. #Perspective 

5. Travel 


It feels like you woke up one day and everyone but yourself forgot not only what snow is but exactly how to drive in it, use your blinkah!!!!!