Summer is coming to a close as vacations end and kids head back to school. You may be feeling a bit depressed at the prospect of settling back in to everyday life after a summer vacation, but I'm here to point out why that's exactly the opposite way to look at thing. On the contrary, you should be thrilled that your vacation is behind you! Here's why:

1) No Bug Spray, No Sunscreen, No Problem

If you were on vacation to an island or a lake house in the middle of nowhere, chances are you were eaten alive by mosquitos, gnats and horseflies and came home bright red, despite diligently slathering sunscreen on every hour. Well, worry no longer! Those buggy nightmares and lobster skin are a thing of the past.

2) Travel Woes Are No Longer

How stressful are planes and trains and automobiles?! Between delayed connections, packing lists, weather woes and nervous flyers, traveling anywhere farther than the next town over can be a living nightmare. Rejoice - the anxiety of travel is  no longer an issue!

3) You Don't Have to Miss Your Pets Anymore

Who among us hasn't turned to their significant other on vacation and whispered, "is it too early to ask what our pet sitter has been up to?" Perhaps in different words; but the sentiment is the same. It's hard the travel and leaving your best non-human buds behind - but now that you're back from vacation, it's snuggle time!

4) Return to Your Daily Vices

Mine is my own gym and Netflix on my couch. I love me some vacation adventures, but getting back into my exercise routine and settling back in to my favorite current true crime show is the sweetest adventure of all.

5) Vacations Are Always Sweeter After The Fact

Look at your photos. You don't remember the weird smell of your hotel room, the activities you planned that didn't live up to expectations, or the famous restaurant you wanted to check out that was under construction. Pain has no memory and even the most mediocre vacation will live on in your pictures, videos and recollections as the best ever.

You may find your mood slumping at the prospect of returning from summer vacations and re-entering your daily routine, but my solution is this: drink in these simple pleasures and consider this: If you live in Vacationland, are you ever really working?


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