The South Portland Police Department shared some very sad news on social media recently. The department sadly lost one of their own.

Just look at that face. What a sweet and amazing dog Trigger was.

As the department mentions in the post, Trigger was sadly diagnosed with cancer recently. The 12-year-old dog was still an active member of the department when the diagnosis came down. Trigger was in considerable pain, and the decision was made to do the humane thing and proceed with end-of-life care.

As summarized in the article, Trigger spent 10 years working and living alongside Lt. Kevin Theriault, helping to keep the city of South Portland safe. He was known for being very faithful and protective of Lt. Theriault and his family.

Trigger's valuable service included help with drug and gun seizure, tracking lost individuals, apprehensions, and much more. South Portland Police Chief Daniel Ahern included this about Trigger and his exemplary service.  “We are forever in his debt and will never forget his loyalty, courage, and intelligence.”

I can't imagine how difficult it is to lose not just your partner, but also best friend and family member. My heart goes out to Lt. Theriault and his family. I know 12 years is a pretty decent life for a larger dog, but it's still crushing new. Cancer sucks.

Your watch has ended, Trigger. Thank you for your service. South Portland and all of Maine is a better place because of you. Rest easy.

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