Dear Mainers,

For years I have had a very specific pet peeve. This comes from working multiple jobs where I had to pick up clients in their home, or inspect a home, or meet with a prospective customer in their home.

I'd be given an address and then discover there are NO house numbers anywhere. Not on the deck, the side of the house, the deck, or the mailbox, if there even was one. Sometimes by logic and counting other houses, I could figure it out. Other times, since this is Maine, homes can be so few and far between, with long driveways I ended up looking like a weirdo in some random person's driveway, knocking on doors of people who didn't want me there, and honestly, those situations really could have put me in danger.

My mind didn't even consider what Scarborough PD brought up on Facebook. Without a visible number, how are first responders supposed to find you in case of an emergency?

They note various scenarios such as a home intruder or choking. There are critical moments that can't be wasted by attempting to give directions.

So please, go to Walmart or your local hardware store. Get some fancy numbers or, at the very least, some reflective stickers.


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