As we are allowed to go on road trips, will you hold it or go into a public restroom?


According to the Boston Globe, many are actually thinking of simply NOT using any restroom on their way to the fun. One traveler treats it like he's prepping for surgery and doesn't have food or drink after a certain time the night before!

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law
Sara D. Davis

Not knowing where to go is keeping some of us to just not go. Many public restrooms are closed, some are just naturally filthy and some we just fear, 'Who was here before me?'

The Globe interviewed several people, and almost all of them thought they were the only one with a 'bathroom obsession.' The Globe asked the American Restroom Association to survey people (yes, there is an actual American Restroom Association) and almost half are limiting their trips because of restroom-related COVID-19 concerns.

A study found that droplets from talking can hang in the air for up to 14 minutes in a closed, 'stagnant‐air environment.' We know that the coronavirus is more likely spread human to human, but we've been conditioned that is also lives on surfaces and opening up the door to a gas station bathroom becomes way more icky.

Some think Yelp reviews will now all be, 'Did you see someone cleaning?'  Has the thought of stopping to use a restroom stopped you from planning a trip or actually stopped a trip?



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