Potato Donuts

Potato deliciousness comes in many forms. Mashed potatoes (garlic and non), potato skins, hash browns, home fries, french fries, TATER TOTS...

...but most Mainers would probably bet their life savings that the best way to eat potatoes?

Holy. FREAKIN. Donut. And they just opened a new location this past weekend.

holydonutmaine via Instagram
holydonutmaine via Instagram

Holy Donut in Arundel

This past weekend, the Holy Donut crew welcomed a brand new location into their family, finally opening their new location at 1197 Portland Road in Arundel. For months now (even as early July 2022) has promised some sweet, sweet deliciousness coming soon to one of the buildings in that location...

Google Maps
Google Maps

...and this past weekend (actually, last Friday morning, January 13), they delivered on that promise.

Holy Donut locations

That brand new location in Arundel -- which, by the way, is walk-up or drive-thru only -- now makes a total of four locations to get your Holy Donut fix.

There are currently two locations in Portland (177 Commercial Street and 194 Park Avenue) and one in Scarborough (398 Route 1).

Holy Donut hours

The great thing about each location, too, is that kind of play by their own rules as far as hours ago. It's not just one blanket set of hours -- sure, some locations overlap, but some are open a little extra longer to help you quench your Holy Donut thirst.

The Commercial Street in Portland and new Arundel locations are open 7a-2p (with online ordering available 7a-Noon at the Commercial Street location and not yet available at the new Arundel location), the Park Ave location in Portland is open 6:30a-2p (with online ordering available 6:30a-Noon), and the Scarborough location drive-thru is open 6a-2p, with the lobby staying open until 4p (and online ordering available 6a-2p.)

It's always great to see local businesses win and expand. Here's to a successful existence in Arundel and hopefully the building blocks to an eventual fifth location, too! (Because who doesn't always want more Holy Donut?)

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