If you've ever spent an iota of time on the internet, there's a very good chance you've come into contact with an "internet troll". You know, one of those grimy souls that drops nothing but negativity on even the kindest and most harmless of online posts. But if you thought we have it bad here in Maine when it comes to internet trolls, think again.

According to Wired, Maine and our neighbors in New Hampshire both rank in the top 5 for NOT being that negative when it comes to internet posts. Here in Maine, only 5.5% of the responses and comments left on forums and blog posts are of a crude or negative context. In comparison, Vermont is the internet troll capital of the United States, as 12.7% of the comments and responses on the same platforms are negative.


So how did Wired come up with this? They spent 16 months analyzing more than 92 million comments on several different internet platforms across the country. But if you're wondering, Facebook and Twitter were not included in this report. That begs the question, if it were, would Maine be higher on the list when it comes to internet trolls? You tell us.

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