The only thing bruised was my ego...


So, it was the end of Yarmouth's Got Talent. A fabulous show of about 20 acts from every grade of Yarmouth. From singing, dancing to even a 7-year-old stand up.

As a judge (along with Chris Kyle from Pat's Pizza and Ryan Gleason, the principal of Yarmouth Elementary School) I got an onstage view of every act and got to chat with everyone who performed.

It was great. And yes...Yarmouth's got themselves some talent.

At the end, as voting took place (from audience members - we as judges were really just their for color commentary) we were all asked to hand out medals to all participants. Sure!

I exclaimed:

I'll take the far end of the stage!

As I bounded to the far end of the stage, I forgot to look where I was going and yup...the stage ended and I just kept going. I dropped faster than...than...I have no idea, all I know it was quick. I JUST as quickly bounded up (on the stairs now you see) and climbed back up to the stage and handed out medals as I was thinking to myself, I hurt?

I appeared to be fine. And then it happened - I handed out the medals and then it was time to make my way home. And all I heard (by the way, I'm popular - lots of people knew who I was!)

Hey...I saw you fall off the stage. Are you okay?

Sigh. Yes. I'm absolutely fine. Felt like a giant idiot, but I'm fine. It's probably one of those things where it would have been better to break an arm or something severe. Ya know, can't laugh then. But ohhhhh no. I'm just fine.

But it did get me thinking. Have you done something and you weren't hurt and you thought, 'How?'


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