This is starting to get old. For the second day in a row, the Portland Sea Dogs did not play at Hadlock Field Tuesday because we are getting the furthest thing from ideal baseball weather.

The Sea Dogs are no stranger to early spring games. April has always been chilly for night games at Hadlock and even afternoon games can be a little uncomfortable if the sun isn't out and the wind picks up.

Snow on the other hand is way worse than rain.

So with yet another storm coming for Maine Tuesday night into Wednesday, when's the next time we'll get to see the Sea Dogs play?

The grounds crew at Hadlock does an amazing job every spring to get the field playable, but they can't melt snow. They have to wait for mother nature to do that job and with a potential for another two inches on top of what has fallen over the past two days, tomorrow's game might be postponed as well.

If that's the case, the Sea Dogs will load up the bus to go on the road for a three game series against Trenton followed by another three game series with Reading. They'll return to Haldock on April 18. By then snow should not be an issue.

You've gotta love Maine. Snow on a Wednesday and 60's on Saturday. If you don't like the weather in Maine...

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