This is my map! I've visited 211 counties in the US, across 22 different states. The interactive maps at are pretty interesting, because it lets you break down the US into states, congressional districts, and even by counties.

The thing is, the smaller you get, the more interesting these maps become. Visiting 22 states doesn't seem like a big deal at all if you just look at the individual counties.

Here's the same map as above (places that I've visited), but in whole states, instead of counties:

Pretty different, right? The one on the bottom looks like I'm a big traveler. The more accurate one on the top looks like I drive a lot (I do!)

What does your travel map look like? Can you remember the different parts of each state that you've visited? If you have some time, try to make one on the county-level like I did, and post it in the comments.

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