Happy April. We all may be ready for Spring, but Old Man Winter may not be done with us quite yet. We DO get some snow in April . Sometimes a LOT of snow.

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Remember just a few years ago when we got WALLOPED on April 1st?  Back in 2017 Portland got almost 11 inches of snow. April Fools, indeed!


What Are The Biggest April Snowstorms in Portland?

4/2/1922-16.2 inches

4/6/1982-15.9 inches

4/10/1906-15 inches

4/8/1907-13.7 inches

4/2/1887-12.5 inches

4/4/2007-11.7 inches

4/12/1933-11.6 inches

4/1/2017-10.9 inches

4/20/1925-10.7 inches


How Much Snow Does Portland, Maine Get in April?

On average, Portland gets 2.8 inches of snow in April.

Here's a great song that tells you what April weather is all about in Maine...


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