Second Congressional District Representative Bruce Poliquin, a Republican, isn't talking to reporters. In fact, the Portland Press Herald even reported that he ducked into a women's bathroom to get away from having to answer questions about the health care bill in the House of Representatives.

The House is scheduled to vote today, and Poliquin still hasn't gone on record about his vote. We called all four of his offices today (Washington, Lewiston, Bangor and Presque Isle), and the only office to answer the phone was Presque Isle. The office staffer there didn't know how the congressman planned to vote... the morning of the vote itself.

Some on social media are speculating that he's going to skip the whole vote all together, but we don't know. We'll update this post with his vote, if he casts one today.

Update at 2:38pm ET: The Portland Press Herald is reporting that on a phone call with reporters, Poliquin announced that he would vote to repeal Obamacare just minutes before the vote.

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