After years of thinking and dreaming; I finally did it. I got a motorcycle license AND I got a bike. I've been riding bikes and things since I was a kid.. Minibikes, dirt bikes, go-carts, and, yes, occasionally my friend's street bikes (sorry officer). My gut was telling me that now is the time to make it official. Read my story to road-ready and tell me where the best places are to ride!

I could have pretty easily read a handbook, gotten a permit and eventually a license. However, I wanted to do it the safest way. (You're welcome, Mom) So I took an awesome motorcycle safety course in Scarborough. If you're interested in learning where I went, shoot me an email! I'd love to tell you about it! In just 15 hours, over 3-days, I was fully endorsed AND, more educated and therefore, safer on the road!

Here are a few big things I learned that I think about every time I ride:

  • Look there, go there! (Where you set your eyes is where your bike will go!)
  • S-L-P-R (Slow, look, press and roll) A method for turning and cornering that's VERY helpful!
  • Clutch Cover: Keep your hand over that clutch at all times. Don't get lazy!
  • Ride for ME! Never ride when it's for someone else or in a rush. Ride only when it's "all about me" time. Otherwise, take the car!
  • First-year riders must wear a helmet in Maine, but after that there is no helmet law.

So here's my bike! I got a 2014 Triumph Bonneville. What a cool and fun bike! Now that I'm road-ready, and relatively new to the area, I need YOU to tell me where are the best places to ride! Please feel free to comment below and on our Facebook and Twitter pages with the hashtag #NewMEbiker and let me know you're favorite places to take your motorcycle and hit me up if you want to ride!

Mike Rovin - Triumph Bonneville
Mike Rovin - Triumph Bonneville