I cried at my mammogram. No, not because of anything bad - but because of the technician Renee.

A couple of years ago Renee was my technician at Mercy Fore River. I instantly loved her. She was soooo personable. She asked about my family history for breast cancer.

My mom had just been diagnosed.

I hadn't seen Renee since - despite getting yearly mammograms. I'm very good about them. Well, I saw her today (Thursday). She was just as personable and remembered that my mom had just been diagnosed the last time she saw me.

I told her that she passed away last summer.

Renee came over and hugged me and told me how very sorry she was. She asked how I was doing and well...I started to cry. It's funny. I'm sure Renee was sent to me, because I've been thinking of my mom a lot lately. Not sure why - just have been.

I just want to thank Renee for the kind words, the shoulder to cry on and the laughs about everything from crazy Greeks to how to prep for a colonoscopy.

Please, please, please get your yearly mammograms. I'm sure there are 'Renees' everywhere.