No, that's not a postcard - I took that picture. Just one of the perfectly Maine things seen on the last weekend of summer (unofficially for those literal people).

We wanted to take a hike. A real hike. So, after some googling we found Grafton Notch up in the Bethel area. Not that far of a drive. Look what we saw on the way up!

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

I got so excited! I thought, oh man - I've heard about this statue! But I'd never heard it was in Rumford...that's cuz it's not. The one we are famous for is in Bangor. Oh well - next year.

Then, driving to Grafton Notch, I saw this and just about flipped out!

Roadside pie

It's Jeff's pie stand. The one that the bear ate pies from! I just about drove off the road when I saw it. And of course stopped. But unlike Jeff - I bought a pie!

Pie stand pie

It was delicious. If you are ever on Route 26 in Newry - keep your eyes peeled for Puzzle Mountain Bakery and get a pie! It was delicious!

We were on our way to Table Rock in Grafton Notch. We found, we hiked, we conquered. Here's the view from up top!

View from Table Rock

It actually was a nice hike and just challenging enough for the 5 of us. And yes, we all decided that down was way more fun that up.

To recap the 3 day weekend...we:

Wow..I need a 3 day weekend to recover. Hope you had a chance to enjoy Maine...on the last weekend of summer.  Comment here on Facebook or Twitter #MaineActivities


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