It's hard to imagine there are New York Yankees fans living in Maine. And I'm not even talking people who used to live near New York and moved here. I mean born and bred Mainers who are Yankees fans. What's wrong with these people?

Yankee and Red Sox fans live to give each other s--- every time their team wins or moves ahead in the standings. That's what happened yesterday when the Yankees moved back in to first place in the AL East, dropping the Red Sox down to second.

A friend I've known since we were kids posted a Yankees meme. I'm not sure if he created it or not, but I quickly noticed a way to get back at the gloating. Notice the grammatical error? It should be 'Who's' the contraction, not 'Whose' the possessive. I grabbed it and put it on my Facebook page and you can read along below to see how much fun we had bashing each other.



He ended up winning in the end, because I had no comeback for this one.

DJ Grammar
Chuck DJ Grammar

Well played Chuck. All in good fun right?

Yankees suck.

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