In case you've been under a rock today avoiding social media, it's Amazon Prime Day. That one day a year, or in this case 2 days, where you can get some really good deals on Amazon if you're a Prime member.

I had never ordered anything on Amazon Prime Day, so I thought I'd go shopping and see what I could find. I figured I should go practical instead of fun. There's always a ton of stuff that I really need that I put off buying because they're just too damn expensive.

After browsing for about 20 minutes I came across the most practical and boring item that I needed for 56% off the list price of $89.99. I was told I should get this by a professional, but at nearly $100 I've put it off for a year or two.


Yep. I bought a WaterPik. I dare you to order something more boring than this.

The dental hygienist has been pushing me to get a Water-Pik for a couple years now. I don't have a single cavity, but am a little at risk for gingivitis. So done, and I saved $50.06 on it.

Ordering didn't come without it's problems though. They had it in several colors. Black, white, blue, burgundy, gray, mint green, orchid, pink, teal. Since this has to sit on a bathroom counter, I had to check with the boss, Michele, to make sure the color would match the bathroom or I wouldn't hear the end of it, and this is one of the few items you can't return.

She said white, which is what I was going to pick anyway.

I'll be grabbing this bad boy at the Amazon locker at Whole Foods on Thursday, just in time for my dentist appointment next week. Won't they be pleased.

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