So there I was on Monday, scrolling through Facebook as we all do. Politics, cat picture, someone's dinner from Sunday night, a Star Wars meme and then suddenly I saw a picture of someone I recognized. It was a newspaper clipping from December of 1988 and I was in it! What?!?

The picture is from the Advertiser-Democrat, the weekly newspaper with news from the Oxford Hills area. News in 1988 meant things going on around town, because not a lot of major news went down in western Maine.

I was the president of the Oxford Hills High School Key Club during my senior year. This is before Oxford Hills became a comprehensive high school and doubled in size.

Key Club is a service organization for high school students sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and every year we would do projects and fundraisers for our community. One of those fundraisers was for Right Start's Christmas For Kids toy drive, a charity that the Norway-Paris Kiwanis Club also sponsored.

Ann White of the Advertiser-Democrat came by the high school to get a picture of us delivering the toys to Cotton Damon of Right Start. Obviously, that's me on the right.


Advertiser-Democrat via Oxford Hills-Posts and Pictures From Local Papers Facebook Page
Advertiser-Democrat via Oxford Hills-Posts and Pictures From Local Papers Facebook Page

As you can see by the picture, none of us, including my friend and Key Club secretary Dawn Knowles, smiled for the camera. Clearly this was a candid shot and I was the only one looking at the camera, staring it down. One person here at work say this and said "You are looking right into my soul." I assume that's like an evil thing, right?

By the way, the caption on the photo is wrong. I was a senior, not a junior. I was 17, thinner, sporting a classic 80's sweater and had a full head of hair. What happened?!?

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