Over Memorial Day weekend I went to the Oxford Flagship Cinemas with Jake to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and of course we had to get a giant bag of popcorn. This theater has a butter-your-own-popcorn dispenser and as I went cover the popcorn in delicious movie butter, Jake said "Wait dad! Use a straw!"

I was confused until he explained that by putting a straw into the bag, you can let the butter run through the straw to the spread throughout the entire bag rather that just sit on the top.

Brilliant! You're out of luck if the theater butters it for you, because it will just seem weird if you ask them to put a straw in it.

Pro tip: Don't put too much butter in the bag or you'll end up with it everywhere as it soaks through the bottom of the bag. Um....not that that happened to me. Where's my stain stick?

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