Just in time for summer, today I learned that what I've been referring to as a milkshake is something completely different here in New England.

If you're from away, you'll probably agree - you thought frappe was just another word for milkshakes! Apparently, they're two different drinks.

According to New England Today, New Englanders have been using the word "milkshake" to describe a drink with zero ice cream in it. Does that come as a surprise to you? You're probably from somewhere else in the country, like me! Here are some actual definitions to set you straight so you don't end up ordering the wrong thing.

Frappe: a delicious mix of ice cream, milk, syrup, and sometimes malt powder.

Milkshake: the ingredients of a chocolate milk (milk, syrup) blended to high heaven.

Chocolate Milk: the same ingredients as a milkshake but NOT blended. Basically, chocolate syrup casually stirred into a glass of milk.

Cabinet: Okay, while we're on the topic, might as well include cabinets. I had never heard of the drink called a cabinet, but Rhode Islanders and southeastern Bay Staters will know what I mean. New England Today says it’s basically the same thing as a frappe, but coffee-flavored with Autocrat Coffee Syrup. It got its name for the place we keep the blender. (Weird, right?)

Whatever you call it, enjoy your chocolatey summer treat!

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