I consider myself a fairly smart person...except when it comes to this fundamental task!!  I am constantly screwing it up!


For some damn reason, when I'm on 295 or the turnpike, I can't tell you how many times I go the wrong way because I screw up my north and south.

Sadly it happened today in a very public way...IN THE Q VAN!

I had dropped off Logan to middle school at Mount Ararat in Topsham, and was heading back to the studio in Portland. But instead of going south I went north!

The only reason I even noticed it (prior to signs for Canada!) was that I was heading to Bowdoin, and I was pretty sure that was the wrong way!

Like I said, wish I could claim that was the first time..but it's not. I have to think reallllllly hard when I'm getting on the turnpike or 295. Which way do I need to go? Which way do I go?

Does anyone else (smart people only..hehehehehe) do this? Or do you have something dumb you do, yet you are a smart person?

I took a long nap today.




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