I don't believe in superstitions or things happening in your life from some outside force or some God like being, but I've had the craziest of coincidences happen to me over the past week.

I have been seeing an unusual occurrence of the multiple displays of the number 6.

I got this score playing pinball on June 7 after my first ball.

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When I was waiting at the McDonald's driver-thru on June 10 and glanced down at my odometer.

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Then on Friday, June 14, I was playing pinball again and finished my game with this score.

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As you probably know, 666 is known as "The Number of the Beast" or a sign of the devil. Psychics and mediums believe 6's are a good thing. "If you keep seeing 666, it means you are one of those people who feel happy when they can help other people in need."

I don't believe either of these theories, but this is one crazy coincidence. What you do think? Am I doomed?