In Manchester, New Hampshire this week, halloween seems to have come a little early.

A fight broke out Thursday night at McGarvey's pub on Elm Street when 37-year-old Gregory Geneus punched the 30-year-old bouncer several times. The bouncer attempted to bear hug him, police said in a news release, at which point Geneus allegedly BIT OFF part of the bouncer's finger.

Geneus, whose name is all too ironic for this story, was arrested by police and is facing a litany of related charges, including second-degree assault, simple assault, criminal trespass, and violation of bail conditions.

The severed finger was found in the bar, and the bouncer was taken to a nearby hospital to see if medical professionals could reattach it, according to

Don't step on any fingers and be nice to bouncers, kids. And in the mean time, happy almost-October!



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