A pandemic transplant to Maine posed this question. Fair enough.

Jeremy Glass is a writer who grew up in rural Connecticut and lived in Brooklyn. He wrote an article for Food52 where he talked about moving to Maine and the obsession we Mainers have.

Apparently, we are obsessed with Humpty Dumpty All Dressed potato chips.


I started wondering...are we?

Jeremy points out that moving to Maine still kept his New England roots alive where you can go into a gas station and find mini Fireball bottles, Moxie, red snapper dogs, and yes, Humpty Dumpty All-Dressed chips. He calls them 'cult' chips and says that it's the chips of choice for Mainers. The 'all' in all dressed is a combo of BBQ, ketchup, salt and vinegar, and sour cream and chives.

I didn't realize, but according to Jeremy, you can't find these chips outside of Maine. No way!  Humpty Dumpty isn't really THE Humpty Dumpty that started in Scarborough back in 1947. It's now an off-shoot brand of Old Dutch Foods. They make snacks and bought the Humpty Dumpty brand.


That's a good thing because they keep making the odd flavors that make us love Humpty Dumpty. Who else makes ketchup chips?

How lucky are we to have these All Dressed chips any time we want? Well, according to self-proclaimed snack expert, Bill Oakley,

All Dressed Humpty Dumpty potato chips are, in my opinion, the best potato chips I’ve ever eaten and possibly the best potato chips available anywhere.

Wow. I don't care about self-proclaimed snackers, what do Mainers think? Is this the best chip anywhere? Are we obsessed with them? I like them. I like them a lot. Obsessed with them? Nope. But I am glad that only Mainers get to have them.

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