Facebook users are in a panic that they aren't seeing things from all their friends because of a new algorithm that limits you to just seeing 26 of them. Is there any truth to this?

This is one of many posts about the supposed algorithm change to Facebook that limits the number of friends you see in your feed.

Facebook 26 Friends

We've said it before and we'll say it again...don't believe everything you see on Facebook.

Facebook has made some changes to their algorithm, the formula used to by computers to decide what you see in your feed. However, those changes actually show you MORE friends posts than you used to see.

Snopes reached out to Facebook to ask if there was any truth to this 26 friends limit. Yeah. We know some of you don't trust them either, but here's what they had to say:

We contacted Facebook to ask whether the claim of limiting personal interactions had merit, and a representative told us that the rumor held no water (which is in keeping with our own observations(. As with other viral posts aiming to “trick” Facebook’s algorithm, this rumor is both misguided and ineffective.

So you can stop sharing things like the above post, because the fact is it's just not true and you're spreading rumors and panic by doing so.

Let's all go back to posting the video of the cat trying to jump to the opposite wall.


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