The word around town is that Kennebunkport may be the most romantic town in Maine. It’s quaint and it’s cute but what gives it this title?

It’s said here that it may even be “New England’s most romantic town” but that feels a little biased coming from Kennebunkport Maine Lodging sources.

I’m not one to argue because what do I know about romance? Not a lot. I mean, I know nothing outside of capitalist commercials telling me to buy my loved one jewelry and flowers. I’m not sure if my lack of romantic knowledge is my own fault or because of my ghosts of boyfriends past.

I’ll let you decide if this Maine town is “the most romantic” because I’m clearly not qualified.

Here’s some information to help you decide:

Paint the Town Red

Kennebunkport gets ready for the big V-Day with activities all of February with an event all month long titled “Paint the Town Red”.

The town boasts all sorts of adorable boutiques and highly-rated restaurants that all get involved in this romantic month. They offer private dining in igloos at Stripers, love shacks at Boathouse, and private gondolas you can snuggle up in with a bottle of wine.

I may not know much about romance but I do know a horse drawn carriage is up there on some top-tier romance stuff. And, being “the most romantic town”, Kennebunkport offers that through the infamous Dock Square.

Okay… a horse drawn carriage in the snow in Kennebunkport actually sounds magical. I may have to rent out a boyfriend for a day.

The cute Maine town is also known for their quaint lodging options and the hotels and inns are offering romantic packages with Champagne, chocolates, roses, and spa treatments. The local shops, boutiques and restaurants get in the spirit with red hearts and twinkling red and white decor around town.

Who doesn’t love some good festive decorations?

Art galleries are also hosting open houses so you can go sip on some wine, rock a buzz, take a carriage ride, then wander through the galleries and “ooh” and “ahh” at the beautiful art. I think that’s romantic? Yeah… that’s romantic.

Events will be happening all month with special wine and cheese pairing classes, cooking classes, ice skating, and an Igloo Lounge party at Boathouse with a live DJ and ice bar party. My single self could really get into the bar and DJ part, partner or no partner.

I know I said their statement was biased but I actually think I just convinced myself that Kennebunkport really could be Maine’s most romantic town.

What did you decide?

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