Mainers are passionate about a lot of things, including their Dunks.

Okay, not all Mainers are into Dunkin. Hey, to each their own. But, those of us who love their Dunks, are pretty adamant about their Dunkin. If it is a daily routine you know that you rely on that familiar voice over the speaker or behind the counter making you your caffeine of choice. You might not recognize their name for the first few times you pull up with your order, but over time you start to know your Dunkin crew. I have a few Dunkin's I frequent and at all of them, I know at least one person that I depend on and they never let me down. I'm not alone. Did your Dunkin make the list of favorites?

The one I go to several times a week is Route One in Falmouth. Phil is the voice that I hear the most often as I drive through on the weekends. He's the best! And I'm not the only one who thinks that too. But it's Brian that takes care of me in the weeee hours of the morning. It's sweet. I will say my order and he will say, 'Is that it, Lori?'. I know his voice and will also order by saying something like, 'Good morning Brian!' It starts my day with a friendly interaction.

Thanks, Dunkin crews throughout Maine for making our lives better!

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