Maine has never been bashful about naming things. There are cities and towns across the state that are named for Native American tribes, gods and goddesses and European metropolises. While that may not seem all that creativity, if you consider the era in which these towns and cities were named, it was quite daring. So with all that creativity and willingness in the bag, is there really a village in Maine called Maine? Yes, that would be Maine, Maine.


According to Wikipedia, there most definitely is. It claims that Maine, Maine is a "unincorporated village located inside the city of Caribou". That doesn't make a whole lot of sense so we tried digging deeper and nothing. There doesn't seem to be any trace of Maine, Maine existing in any online maps. There doesn't seem to be any happenings or news to have come from this small, unincorporated village. It all adds up to smelling like Maine, Maine may be a figment of someone's imagination.

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Which is too bad because the village motto "it's so good, they named it twice" is enough to bring people in just to have visited Maine, Maine. Imagine for a moment how Maine natives would fervently endorse village merchandise that featured Maine, Maine. "Just a kid from Maine, Maine". It practically sells itself.

So if Maine, Maine doesn't really exist, it should. If you got some extra coin lying around and some pull in Augusta, it's time to make it happen. Kansas City, Kansas, eat your heart out.

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