Just taking the dog out to do her business when I think I found bear business!


This is about 100 yards from my house in Falmouth. We also live pretty close to Route One. In other words, we don't live in the woods far from civilization. I would say we are smack in the middle of civilization making this even more wild...if true.


I was looking at it and wondering, what the heck is that? I got a close up, cuz I was wondering...are those cherry pits?


A quick google and well..it sure does look like black bear scat (to be all offical). This is close, but I've seen other pics that looked just like it.


I know that bears have been seen everywhere. Front porches, feeding off bird feeders - but I'm shocked to have one in such a poulated area in Falmouth. Makes me want to set up a camera! Have you had a bear near you?



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