It's been 27 years since the gang was all together in Derry, Maine. It always awakens in twenty seven year cycles to feed on the children. The kids in the Loser's Club all made a promise that they would return to the small town where they grew up if It were to ever come back.

Stephen King's IT Chapter 2 movie trailer is out and it is creepy. Some say IT is the scariest of all the stories from King.

The trailer begins with Beverly Marsh, now 27 years older, returns to Derry and to the home where she used to live to find an elderly lady lives there now. Although, things in the small town aren't always what they seem to be. The lady tells Beverly to go ahead and look around and sure enough Beverly finds some old belongings that have been there for all these years. And that's when things get spooky.

IT Chapter 2 hits theaters September 6th.



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