Portland saw the hottest July on record.

The Portland Press Herald reports that for July, Portland averaged 73.7 degrees. That's 4.6 degrees above normal and 0.6 degrees above last July - which set a record for the hottest month according to the National Weather Service.

It was actually our warm nights that pushed us into record territory, the weather service stated in the article. On July 27, the temperature never dipped below 78 degrees – the highest low for that day on record, according to the Press Herald.

It seems like when you have a hot day, and still a hot night, well that's gotta break some records.


If you don't have your air conditioner, good luck finding one now. But you may not need it as much for August.

It looks like it will be warm, but we will also get more rain.

July was dry - just like June. July was dry and only saw 2.39 inches in Portland – 1.22 inches below normal, according to the Press Herald.

But relief could be on the way...at least for your lawn.

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