It's so cold! OK, everybody say it with me...HOW COLD IS IT?

It's so cold that now we're building igloos. Not snowmen or snowwomen. Now it's honest to goodness igloos. Check out this pretty one we found on Reddit. We think this is in the Bangor area. Nice lights! And it's only halfway built. We'll keep an eye on this one and check back when it's finished.

The entire country (outside of Miami where it was 90 degrees today) is frigid. Dallas, OKC, San Antonio and other places in Texas are having their coldest temperatures since the 1980's.

154 million people were under a winter storm watch yesterday.

70% of the USA is covered in snow.

They had to shovel snow off the Space Needle in Seattle. They had to take the snow down off elevators.

Hockey Pucks are shattering during an outdoor charity hockey tournament in Canada. Minus 40!


Our news and weather partners at WGME have the snow and ice totals from today. These are as of 1pm:


  • Hollis 1.4"
  • Sebago 1"
  • Portland 0.5"
  • New Gloucester 0.7"
  • Auburn 0.8"
  • Durham 0.7"
  • Augusta 0.7"
  • Readfield 1.5"
  • Rockland 0.5"
  • Waldoboro 0.4"
  • Bethel 2"
  • Rangeley 2.5"
  • Farmington 1.5'
  • Rockwood 5.5"
  • Moosehead 4.5"
  • Jackman 4.2"
  • Laconia, NH 2"
  • Meredith, NH 1.6"
  • Madison, NH 2"
  • Pittsburg, NH 3.5"
  • Plymouth, NH 4.3"
  • Littleton, NH 3"


Igloo In Progress Update from r/Maine

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