On Reddit, a man explained why he refuses to adopt his best friend's pug, even knowing his friend is dying.

"My best friend is dying of cancer. He could pass away any moment," he wrote in his post.

The man added he has always wanted a German Shepherd and found a puppy online that he put a security deposit down on. When his friend found out, he became upset.

"After a few minutes of awkwardness, I asked him what was wrong," the man wrote, explaining his best friend revealed he had hoped the man would take his "needy" 2-year-old pug, Horace, when he dies.

"I looked over at Horace, and he looked back at me. Well, he tried to look at me — but he's got one w[a]ndering eye that pretty much is always looking towards the ceiling. I could feel his glare with his good eye, though," he shared.

The man explained that "Horace is not a good dog," as he "s---s in the house, he tears stuff up [and] he's always yapping."

He revealed that Horace was "never properly trained" and that the dog "literally just wants to want something. Nonstop."

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The man added that not only does Horace's personality not match what he's looking for in a dog, but he also isn't a fan of the pug breed in general.

"Their faces look like it's been hit with a shovel. They are always gasping for air with their eyes bulged out as if they are stranded without a space helmet in the Martian atmosphere," he wrote.

The man told his friend "no, thank you," and even offered to help find the dog a good home. Unfortunately, his refusal to adopt Horace has caused a rift in their friendship, and the man now wonders if he made the right choice.

In the comments section, Reddit users backed the man's decision to adopt the puppy of his dreams.

"There's a difference between a puppy who can be trained vs. a dog who's already been allowed to do that stuff for years, having to unlearn it," one person commented.

"Dogs are a commitment, regardless of breed, gender, and age. It's not a bad thing to reject an abrupt suggestion to just take in a dog," another wrote.

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