A man caused a stir online after he demanded his girlfriend of six months learn French before meeting his family, despite him not even knowing the language himself.

On Reddit, the boyfriend explained that his parents moved to the U.S. from France before he was born, and that he never learned French because he thought it was "boring."

He detailed that his girlfriend of six months already knows how to speak Spanish and Korean. When he asked her to "start learning French" before meeting his family, she refused.

"I said that languages are easy for her and she should do it so my family likes her. She told me to learn it myself and she's not doing it. And I’ve called her an a--hole, told her she knows how difficult learning languages is for me and it wouldn’t be a problem for her," he wrote via Reddit.

However, the man's girlfriend told him that she simply doesn't have time to learn another language.

"I said that she had the time to learn Spanish to watch telenovelas and that she has the time to learn Korean to watch Kdramas so she definitely should have the time to learn French to speak to my family. If she can do it for such silly reasons, she should certainly do it for something so important. She told me to learn it myself and called me an a--hole," he continued.

After telling him off, his girlfriend ignored him for a few days. When the couple started talking again, he returned to the touchy subject.

"I was mad. I told her she didn’t respect me nor my family and asked how could she expect to be part of my family when she refuses to speak our language. She wasn’t happy and told me to go [redacted] myself," the man concluded.

In the comments, Reddit users slammed the man for expecting his girlfriend to do something he won't even do himself.

"You can’t learn the language your parents speak in 27 years but you call her TA for not doing it in a couple months?" one person wrote.

"Not even his fiancée. His girlfriend of six months. They've been together barely half a year and he's demanding she teach herself a whole a-- language so... his family will like her more? What even?" another commented.

"This guy is freaking incredible. And the only reason he wonders if he is an a--hole is because he wonders if he should have given her time to realize that she HAD to learn French. This guy is probably already single lol," someone else shared.

"What is she going to use French for? His parents are obviously fluent enough in English to converse with their son. He dismisses her interests as silly. I hope she dumps him," another user wrote.

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