These days, most Mainers are only a short drive away from a legal fireworks store.

These stores are well-stocked with high-quality fireworks.  They have everything from License to Thrill to 96 Shot Pearl.  Can you think of a better way to cap off the 4th of July or a birthday celebration?  I can’t either.

Believe it or not, fireworks were not always legal in Maine.  Yes, professionally-licensed companies could put on fireworks displays, but the average person could not just go out and buy fireworks.

As a child growing up in Aroostook County, I can remember my father making the 10-hour round trip to New Hampshire so that he could smuggle fireworks into the state.  Then, on a warm summer night, we’d make the trip to one of the family farm’s back fields to shoot them off.  Even though they were nowhere near as exciting as the fireworks displays that our towns and resorts put on, they will always be one of my fondest memories of childhood.

Since 2012, it has been legal in Maine for average citizens to purchase and use fireworks.  However, Maine municipalities are able to make their own rules regarding fireworks.  As a result, some towns have put restrictions on the use of fireworks.  Other towns and cities have completely banned them.

Mike Enerio / Unsplash
Mike Enerio / Unsplash

Are fireworks illegal in your town?

According to, over 40 Maine municipalities have banned the sale and use of fireworks by average citizens.  These include Augusta, Waterville, Bangor, Bath, Belfast, Camden, Freeport, Kennebunkport, Old Orchard Beach, and Portland.

Many other towns have restrictions regarding the sale and use of fireworks.  These include Farmingdale, Fairfield, Gardiner, Hallowell, Ellsworth, and Edgecomb.

Check out the specific ordinances for each town and city HERE.

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